Meera Chopra

Meera Chopra is an Indian film actress, who appears in Tamil and Telugu films

Meera Chopra is an Indian film actress, who appears in Tamil and Telugu films. Her first movie was Anbe Aaruyire, released in the year 2005. She is the cousin of Bollywood's popular actress Priyanka Chopra. After doing about 15 south films, Meera made her debut in bollywood with the movie Gang of Ghosts, a remake of Bengali film which also featured Sharman Joshi and Mahie Gill. Now she will be seen in upcoming bollywood film 1920 London. Meera Chopra was born on 8 July, 1983 in Delhi, India. She has completed her bachelor degree from Saginaw Valley State University in Saginaw, Michigan, U.S. After studying mass communications in New York, she has worked with a leading national news television channel (NDTV) as a programmer executive. But soon gave it up because she felt she was given a raw deal. Meera is very conservative in her real life. In 2010, she entered into the fashion business and became partners with a successful firm called Storm Fashion Company. Meera Chopra is the third cousin of bollywood beauty Priyanka Chopra. About Priyanka, Meera said, "For me Priyanka has always been a superstar much more than my sister. For me family comes as an added bonus. She has always been supportive towards my work." Meera idolizes Priyanka for her 'hard work and dedication',shares emotional bonding with her and revealed that she is close to Priyanka but not to her another cousin actressMeera Chopra will be seen in Vikram Bhatt's third installment of the 1920 franchise. She will be seen opposite Sharman Joshi in the flick. Meera wants to hold a special screening of the film for her cousin and actress Priyanka Chopra. She said, "She loved the trailer. She's a great emotional and physical support I have here in this industry and because I completely look up to her, it makes it even more special for me to show her something I am very proud of." As per the reports, Meera Chopra is very much single and is not dating anyone.. Priyanka Chopra may be flying high in Hollywood but the actress is also a strong emotional and physical support to her cousin Meera Chopra back in Bollywood.

“Priyanka is a great emotional and physical support for me in the industry. She has said, ‘whatever happens, I am always there’. This industry can be very scary for a newcomer but if you have someone like her, who will take care of you, it is a huge support,” Meera told PTI.

“Because of her I take a lot of liberties which a newcomer might not take because I know at the end of the day somebody is there to take care of it,” she added.

Meera made her Bollywood debut with “Gang of Ghosts” and will be next seen in “1920 London”, a horror film opposite Sharman Joshi.

The actress, who has worked in many South Indian films, did not take any acting advice from Priyanka but was touched when the “Bajirao Mastani” star called her and said she was proud of her. “Priyanka saw the trailer of ‘1920 London’ and said, this is the first Hindi film trailer she found really scary. She said she is really proud of me. Priyanka has always told me don’t do something I will not be proud of. I wish she was here, I could show her the movie.” Directed by Tinu Suresh Desai, “1920 London” is the third instalment in the “1920” horror franchise. It is slated to release on May 6. On being quizzed that Meera can star with Priyanka and her other cousin, Parineeti Chopra, in a film, the actress quipped that Priyanka will not come to India for the next two years. “I think that is very difficult because Priyanka won’t even come to India for the next two years. Honestly, I feel she will be very successful in Hollywood because I know how she is. She is very aggressive in her work and confident. In the next two years she will be conquering Hollywood.” Priyanaka is currently shooting in Los Angeles for her Hollywood film “Baywatch” and was recently in India to receive Padma Shri award. Meera said it has become a routine for the 33-year-old actress to bag honour. Before Parineeti Chopra’s first film released, her superstar cousin Priyanka Chopra drew criticism for not supporting or promoting the budding actress. Four years after her debut, it is now Parineeti who is getting flak for not rolling out a red carpet for her cousin Meera’s entry into Bollywood. Meanwhile, Piggy Chops is going out of her way to help Meera find a footing in the film industry. rineeti Chopra may have denied her relationship with Meera Chopra, and Priyanka Chopra may have kept quiet over it, but for Meera the two other Chopra girls are still very much family. In Chandigarh currently to endorse a fashion week, Meera reiterates the fact that she is very much a part of the Chopra clan. "My father and their fathers are first cousins," asserts Meera.


Ask her about the controversy in which her relationship with the two Chopras became questionable after Pari's denial about knowing Meera, and she smiles, "I guess misunderstandings do happen in a large family. It must be part of some family

She may not strike you as a Chopra if you didn't know her, but only once you are introduced that her similarities with Priyanka start registering. For starters, this Chopra has the same flattering curves of her eldest cousin, Priyanka. Even her sense of style resembles PC in a high ponytail and a fitted dress.


Perhaps it is because of Meera's undiluted adulation for Priyanka that she even bears her similarity. "Priyanka is the only superstar in the family. She is the one who believes in keeping the family intact, together."


Meera admits that being Priyanka's cousin helped her find her bearing in the film industry, "Initially there were times when Priyanka got me introduced to directors. Honestly, none of your connections can work if you aren't talented, but yes, I can say that because of her I was welcomed in the industry."


For Meera, there is no comparison between Pari and Priyanka. "Priyanka is in a different league in everything, whether its fashion, acting etc. Pari, I would say, is still young and evolving." Yet, at this stage when Meera is debuting in Bollywood, (she has a number of films in southern industry to her credit) she finds her Chopra surname more of a battlefield than finding good scripts. "You know, now it's getting a bit too much, this constant reference to being a Chopra girl. Every time I get in front of anyone, the Chopra connection is all they have to ask! It's irritating. I mean, I am an actress too, ask me things about my acting...why just about my family connections," she adds.



A trained fashion designer from New York, Meera aspired to be a fashioner. "I still hope to open a fashion house in New York one day," says Meera who has been endorsing a fashion week down south since a while now. "I used to always think, I would love to do this in my native region of North India," says the Delhi based Meera, "And I am happy that finally when I did get the opportunity, I started from Punjab."

Publish Date April 25 2016

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