Babita Shivdasani

Babita Shivdasani is a former Bollywood actress


Babita Shivdasani is a former Bollywood actress. In a relatively short career, from 1966 to 1973, she starred in nineteen films, including the box-office successes Haseena Maan Jayegi, Farz, and Kismat. Babita was born on 20 April 1948. She is an Indian actress. Babita was born to actor Hari Shivdasani into a Sindhi family. Shivdasani organized a screen test for her with veteran producer G.P. Babita Shivdasani was born in a prominent Sindhi family based in Bombay. Encouraged by the success of her aunt, actress Sadhana, in Hindi movies, Babita too decided to enter the film industry as a leading actress. Her first release was with another débutante, Rajesh Khanna, in the musical thriller "Raaz" (1967). It wasn't a hit, but her next film "Farz" (1967) was a hit, and as a result, she became a star. Thereafter there was no looking back for this beautiful actress. In the mid-70s Babita ended her acting career when she married another movie star, Randhir Kapoor, settled down as a housewife, and gave birth to two lovely daughters, actresses Karisma Kapoor andKareena Kapoor. She became a stage-mother by managing Karishma and Kareena's careers, and they both dominated the Indian Film Industry as it's two topmost leading ladies. Babita became a grandmother when Karishma gave birth to two children. Kareena married 'Saif Ali Khan' (son of actress Sharmila Tagore.




Her mother is a British Christian, while her father is a Hindu Sindhi, who had migrated from Pakistan to India. She celebrates Christmas and attends church, just as she celebrates Hindu festivals and attends temple.

Mother of actresses: Karisma Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor; Wife of actor Randhir Kapoor; daughter-in-law of Raj Kapoor; grand daughter-in-law of Prithviraj Kapoor ; sister-in-law of actors Rishi KapoorRajiv Kapoor and actress Neetu Singh.

Did not attend her niece, Riddhima Kapoor's wedding with Bharat Sawhney that took place on Wednesday 25 January 2006. Also absent were both her daughters, Karisma and Kareena.

Is now a grandmother, as her daughter, Karisma, gave birth to a baby girl (Sameira) in March of 2005.

She was a fashion inspiration for millions of college girls, especially her tight Churidar Kurtas, hoop ear-rings, and go-go eye-glasses. Her daughter, Karisma, resembles her in many ways.

Not adept at dancing, she had to be given cues by an Assistant Dance Director during the filming of 'Tumse Aacha Kaun Hai'.

A non-swimmer, she would stand on a stool, then be pushed by a female her swimming instructor in a water-filled tank that lay submerged in a swimming pool for the movie 'Anmol Moti.

In 2013, her aunt Sadhana confirmed that because of a family problem, she and Babita don't keep in touch and don't acknowledge each other if they run into each other

Shivdasani organized a screen test for her with veteran producer G.P. Sippy. He liked her screen test and gave her the opportunity to star in his film.

In her short career she appeared in 19 films including: Dus Lakh (1966), Raaz (1966), Farz (1967), Aulad (1968), Haseena Maan Jayegi (1969), Kab Kyon Aur Kahan (1970) and many more. She starred with her future husband Randhir Kapoor in the hit film Kal Aaj Aur Kal.

They married on November 6, 1971. After their marriage, Babita had to leave the film industry, as part of the Kapoor tradition which forbids women from acting in films. The marriage produced 2 children: Karisma Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor. After the birth of their daughters, their relationship was under strain and finally after a few years they separated. Babita walked out taking her two daughters with her. She would eventually break the tradition for which she was forced to leave the industry. Her two daughters went on to become huge stars of their generation.

In March 2005, she became a grandmother when eldest daughter, Karisma gave birth to a baby girl. She now lives in Mumbai with her youngest daughter.* Late Raj Kapoor’s daughters-in-law, Neetu Kapoor and Babita, have nursed a mutual animosity for almost three decades now. While no one seems to know what triggered the fight, it’s believed to be an internal Kapoor family feud. 

Now, with daughter Kareena’s wedding to Saif Ali Khan coming up on October 16, Babita seems to have finally extended the proverbial olive branch by personally inviting Neetu to the wedding. 

A source close to the Kapoors tells us, “Kareena’s wedding served as the occasion for Babita to fix relationships. That included a friendly gesture towards estranged sister-in-law.” 

“Babita personally went to meet Neetu in Krishna Raj (Neetu and Rishi Kapoor’s residence) with the wedding invite. Those who’ve known about the feud will realise what a big deal that is. It seems they have finally made peace,” reveals the source.

When we contacted Neetu, she confirmed that she will be present at the wedding, saying, “Kareena’s wedding to Saif is a very happy occasion for the entire family. We’re all excited about it and are definitely looking forward to it. It’s a happy moment and we will all be there for it.”

Babita and Neetu have worked together professionally only once in the film Dus Lakh (1966). Even at family occasions where they have previously met, the Kapoor wives apparently have avoided each other. 

When Neetu lost her mother, Rajee Singh, in 2010, the entire Kapoor household was present for the last rites, apart from Babita and her daughters, Karisma and Kareena.

Past weddings the Kapoor wives missed
2003: When Babita and Randhir Kapoor’s elder daughter Karisma Kapoor married industrialist Sanjay Kapur, Neetu was absent from all the functions and the main event. Rishi Kapoor attended the wedding alone.

2007: When Neetu and Rishi Kapoor’s daughter Riddhima tied the knot with businessman Bharat Sahni, Babita and her daughters, Karisma and Kareena, again stayed away from the functions. This time, Randhir Kapoor went alone for the wedding.



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