Tina Dutta

Tina Dutta is a film and television Indian actress

Tina Dutta is a film and television Indian actress. She played the role of Ichcha Veer Singh Bundela in a daily Hindi soap opera Uttaran which aired on Colors TV for more than 6 years. Pretty girl Tina Dutta is a Bengali actress who has acted in many Bengali movies and television Shows. She came into limelight for portraying the role of Iccha and Meethi in the daily soap Uttran which aired on Colors. She was seen in Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 7. Television actress Tina Dutta was born on 27 November 1986 in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. She had a dream to become an actor since childhood. She has started acting at a very early age of 5. As per the latest reports, Tina Dutta is returning to the TV screens. Tina will be seen in the role of a rock musician in the bengali daily soap. With Bengali TV also gearing up with interesting experimental concept, Tina decided to give it a try. Tina Dutta is very much single and is not dating anyone. She said, "I am very much single and my Mr. Right should be understanding, non-judgmental and someone who understands my profession. Ideally he should be a non-industry guy. I don't want to date an actor because actors are insecure." Tina was studying in Class X when she was offered the Bengali TV show, Khela. At that time a Mumbai-based production house was also casting for a new show Uttaran and called her for auditions. Later she got the female lead for the show Uttaran. She was also seen in season 7 of stunt based reality show Khatron Ke Khiladi which is hosted by Arjun Kapoor

Tina Dutta is a Bengali actor who is well known for acting in Bengali serials. She has made many appearances in TV shows and Bengali movies. Tina Dutta is a famous actor well known for playing the roles of Iccha and Meethi in Colors Soap opera Uttaran. She is due to appear in the seventh season of Khatron ke Khiladi aired on Colors. Pretty girl Tina Dutta is just a Bengali actress who has played in television Shows and several Bengali movies. She came into limelight for impersonating Iccha and Meethi’s role in the day-to-day soap opera Uttran.

Television actress Tina Dutta was born in Kolkata, West Bengal, India on 27 November 1986. She had a dream to eventually become an actor since youth. She’s started playing at an extremely early age of 5.

Before it was being learned to monitoring producer Mahesh Kumar Jaiswal from her debut program Koi Aane Ko Hai, that Tina Dutta got married. They hit the show off immediately and initially met on it a couple of years back. When requested to Tina, she said, “The most outrageous rumor I’ve heard about myself was that I’m wed. Myself was annoyed in the beginning but later on I discovered that being a celebrity all these things are extremely common so I just began disregarding them. My family members were incredibly worried because I’m from Kolkata, my parents are extremely defensive, and so I experienced some rough time but after everything was fine.” Now it’s being discovered that the lead actress of Uttaran is dating a guy, called Paresh Mehta who’s a businessman. Tina and ten other men will be in a connection for more than 6 months. The couple was seen at several public places. The couple is section of Tina’s team of friends including Arjun Bijlani, Nandish Sandhu, Ali Mercchant and others. And also the great thing is that Tina’s parents understand more about the affair.

When asked about Tina’s affair, Tina said, “If I click an image using a guy does that mean I’m dating him? I’ve similar pics with ten other guys. Am myself dating them all? Grow up. We’re just good friends. That is all. Nothing much to it. Rumours in this way make a camaraderie dark and just worsen. Sorry to say, but this is accurate.”

Tina was studying in School X when she was provided the Bengali TV program, Khela. At that time a Mumbai-based production house was casting for a brand new show Uttaran and named her for auditions. After she got the female lead for that program Uttaran. The long-running TV program, finished after a six-year run on January 16, 2015.

Tina Dutta has impersonated the characters of Meethi and Iccha both. Tina has won many minds with her portrayal of characters that were sweet and innocent. Myself stated, “Uttaran was my debut in a lead role on tv due to which the show will consistently stay quite close to my heart. Certainly, I am going to miss all the fun I had with my costars.”

na Dutta aka Ichcha of Uttaran that airs on Colors. The actress is married to supervising producer Mahesh Kumar Jaiswal from her debut show Koi Aane Ko Hai.



They first met on the show two years ago and hit it off instantly. The spark of love was kindled and marriage followed suit. They tied the knot as per 'Gandharva Vivaah' (when a man and a woman marry without the consent of their family) in May, 2009. Tina and Mahesh moved in together along with her mother visiting them regularly. They successfully hid their marriage. However, the actress moved out at her mother's insistence and started staying with her in the same building since January, 2011. Apparently, her mother who was happy with her daughter's choice back then, doesn't want the word on her marriage to reach the industry people now. The situation currently is that her mother is not in favour of the relationship. Since, it's a Gandharva marriage and not a court marriage, Tina's mom now wants the two to separate. The bone of contention is that Mahesh is trying to start his own production company after leaving a secure job with a well-known production house. Tina's mother is worried about her daughter's future with him as he is not settled yet. However, the actress's heart still beats for him. When contacted, Tina said, "It's all gossip." Mahesh too declined the news. However, the duo has been spotted frequenting malls and theatres together.

Publish Date June 6 2016

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